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Stay in Las Vegas for FREE at the Tahiti Village Resort and Spa

I’m a sucker when it comes to staying in Las Vegas for free. Staying at the Mirage on MGM’s dime? Check. Enjoying five-star service at the Wynn and Encore? You bet. But what if I told you there was a way to score three nights and four days in Sin City for absolutely nothing. No resort fees, no need to pay for a Las Vegas show, not even a single Uber/Lyft charge for transportation up and down the Strip? It exists, and it’s available if you stay at the Tahiti Village Resort & Spa.

What’s Tahiti Village?

Tahiti Village Resort & Spa is an island-inspired oasis on Las Vegas Blvd. just two miles south of the Strip and a short drive from McCarren Airport. It may not be as well-known as other Vegas resorts, but it should be. Every single guest room is a suite, there’s a multi-pool complex that’s on-par with Mandalay Bay and Mirage, and it’s super convenient for maximizing vacation time.

There are zero resort fees, parking is free, everything on the property is just a short walk away, and they provide FREE transportation up and down the Strip every 30 minutes.

So, how do you stay here for free? By taking advantage of one of their complimentary stay offers.

You too could be drinking free drinks by the lazy river.

How to Stay at Tahiti Village Resort & Spa for FREE

Tahiti Village Resort and Spa is one of many Las Vegas resorts that offers complimentary stays in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. If you’re strong-willed and able to say no to sales pitches, this is one of the best timeshare presentation opportunities out there. While their offers may change from time to time, Tahiti Village usually offers a complimentary four day, three night Vegas getaway that may or may not include complimentary show tickets, food credit, and a $100 prepaid cash gift card simply by attending a 90-minute presentation.

While everyone’s experience may be different, below is my experience taking advantage of the Tahiti Village Resort & Spa timeshare presentation complimentary vacation.

How to Get Selected for the Comp Stay

The first step in staying at Tahiti Village Resort & Spa for free is by signing up for a complimentary stay. The link is on their website HERE, where they begin by asking you to enter your name and zip code. You’ll then be directed to enter other information, including ‘are you married or cohabitating,’ seeing if you are 26 years of age or older, and what your household income is. It only takes a moment to sign up and you’ll find out fairly quickly if you ‘qualify’ for the offer or not. If you are ‘selected’ (note the air quotes because almost everyone qualifies), then, you’ll be asked to provide a $100 deposit which is returned to you once you attend the timeshare presentation.

The doors to Tahiti are ready to welcome you!

How to Book Your Stay

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you can book your trip over the phone by calling Tahiti Village directly. They do require that you provide at least 30 days notice, but beyond that, there are no limitations. We were able to book an extremely in-demand three day weekend over Spring Break and had absolutely no issues securing a room. The call was quick, the staff was nice, and we received a confirmation email almost instantly.

Tip: Holidays and high-demand nights are available on a first come-first serve basis. If you want to stay in Las Vegas when some rooms can cost upwards of $1,400 (think Super Bowl 2021, New Year’s Eve, and major UFC fights) this becomes an extremely valuable perk of the deal.

The pool view again because it honestly never gets old.

The Property

Tahiti Village is hands down, one of the most beautiful timeshare properties that offers completely comped stays. Where some require you still pay $299+ for visiting, this is one of the nicest properties, in one of the most convenient locations, that I’ve looked into.

The resort itself is located only a four minute drive from McCarren Airport and a seven minute drive from Mandalay Bay at the South end of the Strip.

There’s ample parking, a convenient drop-off pick up space, and you’re conveniently located across the street from an outlet mall, a grocery store, and a short walk from the Town Square Plaza.

The entire property is island themed, with a gorgeous lobby that plays aloha-music 24/7, multiple pool areas, a tropical-themed restaurant, and a handful of tiki bars.

If you enjoy lounging by the pool as much as I do, then you’ll definitely enjoy this property. There are family pools, adult-only jacuzzis, waterfalls, lazy rivers, and even a sandy beach. It’s SO themed in fact, that you may forget you’re in the middle of the Nevada desert when there are endless palm trees and Jimmy Buffet classics on replay.

The Rooms

Every room at this all-suites resort is oasis-themed and equipped with a kitchen, a living room, both a shower and a soaking tub, and a pull-out bed. The decor is a little generic and our room began showing slight signs of aging but it had everything I could possibly ask for in terms of amenities, and I loved how our room in the fifth tower had a view of both the lazy river and the Las Vegas Strip.

The Timeshare Presentation

You find out when your timeshare presentation is when you check into your room. We scored a 9 a.m. presentation the morning following check-in, and that was preferred for us, as it allowed us to get the presentation out of the way early on so we could enjoy the rest of our trip.

The check-in process is located within the lobby, across from the check-in desk. You simply let them know what time you were scheduled for, you fill out a quick one-sheet confirming your address, age, relationship status, and income, then you’re handed a giant playing card that helps your agent find you.

Card the timeshare staff hands you so your agent can find you in the lobby.

We waited about five minutes before our agent was available, and then we headed up an elevator together to the sales pitch room.

It’s similar to most timeshare spaces, with one giant space filled with multiple small tables overlooking the property. You’re offered some complimentary beverages and snacks, treated to a view of their pool complex, and then seated with your agent to dive right into the timeshare pitch.

View from our table during the timeshare presentation.

Since you’re already staying on the property, there’s no tour of the premises or a video you need to watch highlighting how owning a timeshare presentation will add value to your life. Instead, you make some small talk and your agent will try to find some key points in what you mention to sell you the timeshare.

By taking advantage of this timeshare complimentary stay, you give them 90 minutes to try and win your wallet over. For us, we tried making the “no” as easy as possible for our agent, and we were able to reduce the sales time down to about an hour.

The resort box office to claim your complimentary show tickets

Once the pitch ends, you’re escorted to a different room where a different member of the staff will briefly ask you a few questions about your experience ranging from how much you like the property, to how much of a value you consider their timeshare, and what the lowest cost you were offered for the timeshare was.

Comp tickets to OPIUM at Cosmo. Such a fun show.

Finally, you’re escorted to their box office where you get to pick what show tickets you want and receive anything else that was promised to you. There are a variety of Cirque Du Soleil shows to choose from along with other on-the-Strip hot tickets. Since we’ve already seen all Cirque shows, we chose to see OPIUM at the Cosmo which was a $144/per ticket discount. We also received our $100 deposit back in the form of a pre-paid cash gift card and two $25 food and drink vouchers.

Enjoying our $50 free food/drink credit by the pool.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to go to Vegas, you’re ok being off-Strip, and you have 90 minutes to dedicate to a timeshare presentation, this may be worth considering.

For me, I was ok staying a few minutes off the Strip since there were shuttles taking guests to and from the Strip (drop off/pick up locations are at Tropicana and Mirage), the rooms had everything I wanted, and there were so many perks to staying here.

Vegas can be extremely expensive, and the weekend we ended up visiting most hotels (Tahiti included) were going for $250 a night. I was able to save $750 in hotel costs, $290 in show tickets, $50 in food, and at least $50 in transportation costs where I’d usually Uber/Lyft. To have over $1,000 in freebies, this was absolutely worth it to me.

With that said, this offer is only a steal if you’re able to say no to the timeshare presentation pitch. Most people cave in, and that’s why these offers exist…because the properties end up making money in the long run. I advise looking into what other people say online and ensuring you’re able to feel comfortable attending the pitch.

If you have any other questions regarding the Tahiti Village timeshare presentation, feel free to drop a comment below, ask away on Facebook or message me HERE.

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