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Kodak Moments: The Perfect App for Traveler’s Stories

In a world full of instant sharing, there’s something to be said for photos that truly tell a story. Setting the scene, sharing a moment, and describing the experience is what the new app, #KodakMomentsApp hopes to help you accomplish.

I’ve bragged about this app previously, and it continues to be one of my go-to apps that I tell all of my fellow travelers about. Here’s four reasons why you should download the Kodak Moments app before your next trip!

1. They Value Your Privacy

One thing you should NEVER do when traveling, is shout to the world that you’re not home. Yes, people do it, but it isn’t smart. Unlike other apps where users strive to have as many followers as possible, the Kodak Moments app prides itself on building quality relationships. Here, if you want a place to edit and store your memories, great! Have some close friends and family members you want to share your recent travels with? Share away! With this app, you retain control on who sees your posts, keeping strangers unaware of where you are, and your boss none the wiser that you’re not sick in bed but on a beach somewhere!

2016-08-12 23.10.40

2. You Can Tell Your Story

Self-proclaimed as a visual storytelling app, the Kodak Moments app provides various designed captions, layouts and dramatic block quotes to make your story just as appealing as the picture itself. I’ve personally found this app to be a great way to remember which camp spots I may have enjoyed before, or the best tourist attractions I want to explore on my next trip. Since you have full control on who sees your posts, this app provides a great outlet to share more intimate or in-depth details of your travels.

2016-08-12 23.14.34

3. You Can Print Out Your Favorite Shots Easily

That favorite sunset picture you’re super proud of? Frame it! Have a great shot of your fur baby you want to take on the road with you? Turn it into a mug! One feature that sets this app apart from the rest is their ‘Shop’ feature. With this feature you can create photo prints, collages, photo books, cards and more. You can choose to have your printed products delivered directly to your door or pickup same day at your local retail store. This is great for creating ‘Wish You Were Here’ postcards on the go, and other creative gifts! If you’re a photo book lover like myself, this is also one of the easiest ways of creating coffee table books of your travels!

4. It Connects You to Other Travelers

See where other travelers have voyaged before you, and gain inspiration from those exploring the world as well. Unlike other photo-sharing apps where people can buy likes and boost their appeal online, Kodak Moments allows you to connect with real, organic accounts that share similar interests as you. I’ve found this app to be a great way to connect with fellow travel writers, cat enthusiasts and more!

After you download the #KodakMomentsApp, make sure to add my account @MelissaRogers as a friend! I’d love to keep up with your travels! This post is sponsored by Kodak Alaris, but all opinions remain my own.

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