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How to Score $19 Allegiant Airlines Flights Consistently

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

Airfare can be extremely affordable if you know how to outsmart the airline carriers. Here, I’ll share some tips on how to score $19 Allegiant Airlines flights consistently.

Book your flight as far in advance as possible

Allegiant has a policy of introducing their flights at an introductory rate, and then increasing the rate as more and more seats get filled. According to the FAQ on their website, Allegiant announces their upcoming schedule six to nine months in advance, making this the cheapest time to buy. If you know your trip dates that far in advance, you can already find $29 flights for both departing and arrival options.

Need to hold off on early booking? No worries. Allegiant tends to increase prices with every ten seats that are sold, and they do so in raising the price in $5-$10 increments. Unless you book extremely close to the departure date, or you choose a highly-desired flight date (think holidays, special events), flights can usually still be found in the $50-$80 range.

Tip: A majority of Allegiant travelers book their seats with three or fewer weeks notice. If you can book at least a month prior to your departure date, you can find yourself beating a majority of passengers to booking and save yourself $60+ in the process.

Book your flight at the airport when possible

If you’re within a short drive from your local airport, you can maximize savings with this little-known hack. By purchasing your tickets in advance from the airport, you can save $13 per flight in fees.

Hidden among the fees on Allegiant’s check out process, you’ll find a Carrier Usage Charge which is $13 added to each ticket. See below:

On the bottom right, you’ll see there’s a section dedicated to your flight breakdown. Click on the ‘Taxes, Carrier Charges & Gov’t Fees’ section and you’ll receive the following popup:

The Carrier Usage Charge in Allegiant’s own words is “electronic usage charge of $13 per passenger, per segment, applicable to all airline reservations booked through the Web site or call center.”

That means, on my roundtrip flight from Boise to Las Vegas, I’m paying only $25.68 for my flights ($12.84 each way) yet $26 for the carrier usage charge!

To eliminate this charge, simply purchase your tickets from Allegiant employees at their terminal. Make sure to look up their hours before driving over, and plan on showing up 2-3 hours before the flight so you’re not trying to book when people are checking into their flights.

While this takes more of your time, this $26 per person charge can quickly turn into a savings of $52 if you travel with a plus one, or a savings of $104 if you’re traveling with a family of four.

For me, I was able to pay just $25.75 per ticket or $51.50 for my roundtrip flight to Vegas simply by purchasing from them at the airport.

Tip: Allegiant flights don’t happen every day. Don’t make the mistakes I have, and show up when no one from Allegiant is there. Look up when they’re flying and then stop by at least two hours prior to the departure time to be assisted.

Sign up for Allegiant’s Newsletter

Yes, newsletters are annoying but signing up for Allegiant’s newsletter is worth it. Allegiant frequently has $29, $39 and $49 flight sales that you could learn about if you opt-in for their newsletter. Knowing this is important because if you’re interested in getting away for a spontaneous trip, your $29 flight will quickly become a $16 flight if you book at the airport to avoid the carrier usage charge.

There have been multiple times where I’ve found $29 flights to Phoenix, Vegas or Los Angeles and then booked at the airport to score a $32 roundtrip flight. That’s cheaper than filling up your tank with gas!

Allegiant is great about not spamming your inbox, and I only receive emails when one of these sales are going on. If you’re open to having an email every ten days or so from them, this can save you big in the long run and provide for some awesome last minute trips!

Tip: These sales typically occur for flight dates that are three to five weeks in advance. If you have some PTO coming up, opt-in to see where you can travel for cheap. By having at least three weeks to plan, you can ensure you save on hotel and rental cars as well.

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Avoid the Allegiant Fees

The last thing you want is to score a $19 flight only to find out you’ll end up paying $70 more at the airport because you didn’t plan ahead. Allegiant is notorious for piling on charges for everything!

We go into detail on how you can outsmart Allegiant Airlines HERE, but here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Print your boarding pass out prior to arriving at the airport, or show your boarding pass on your phone. Allegiant charges a $5 fee at the airport for employees to print your boarding pass for you. This $5 fee quickly turns into a $40 roundtrip fee for a family of four, so ensure you have your boarding passes ready to go BEFORE you arrive at the airport.
  • Pack smart! Allegiant allows one free personal item per person. The personal item dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16 inches. While this sounds small, there’s actually a LOT you can pack into this personal bag and many sellers on Amazon actually sell these 7 x 15 x 16 bags (our favorites are this one, this one, and this one). By using space bags and wearing your heaviest clothes, you can get away with flying without any baggage fees!

By booking in advance, purchasing your tickets at the airport, taking advantage of a sale, and always avoiding Allegiant fees, you can consistently enjoy $19 flights across America! Happy travels!

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