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Vegas Transportation: Deuce Bus

When it comes to Vegas, there are a variety of transportation options. From taxis to Uber, the monorail, and of course, walking. One option however always flew under my radar until my most recent Vegas trip and I just HAD to share more information with all of you. Here’s everything you need to know about Vegas’ Deuce.

What is the Deuce?

The Deuce is a  premium, public transportation service that provides rides up and down the Vegas Strip as well as Downtown Vegas. The Deuce provides rides every 15 minutes and provides the most affordable public transportation that’s also the most convenient.

Unlike ride-share systems like Uber and Lyft or even taxis, the Deuce picks up passengers on the Strip itself, rather than in the parking garage or back entrances. Because of this, the Deuce is able to drop you off right where you want to be in the shortest possible time.

What are the fares?

Fares range from $6 for two hours, $8 for 24 hours, or $20 for a three-day pass.  Children ages 5 and under are free and there are also discounts available for seniors. For my most recent trip, I purchased a three-day pass which I’ll go into detail about below.

Photo: Melissa Rogers TheJetSettersGuide.com

Does the Deuce Pick You Up From the LAS Airport?

Yes and no. The Deuce itself focuses on taking guests up and down the Vegas Strip as well as Downtown Vegas. They do however partner with the local transportation system Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) which can take you from the airport to your hotel for no extra cost. Keep an eye out for bus 109 and let your driver know your final destination. He or she will let you know if you need a connecting bus and if so, which stop to get off at.

If you purchase a pass for the Deuce, it will also work with the Vegas SDX system. Simply head towards Terminal 1 and the SDX buses are located on the ground level.

Fun Fact: Both the SDX buses and the ride-share pick-up locations are both located in the same parking structure. The only difference is the SDX buses are located on the ground level whereas ride share pickups are on the second floor. 


How does the Deuce Compare with Ride Share Systems?

For me, the Deuce is an easier and more convenient way of navigating throughout the Strip and it’s also much more affordable than Uber or Lyft.

Here’s why. Uber and Lyft have designated pick-up and drop-off locations that they need to follow. For example, if you want to get picked up at the MGM Grand, you can’t just walk in front of the hotel on the Strip and wait for your ride. You need to walk to the parking garage, go up to the second floor, and wait for your ride there.

Instead of needing to navigate every hotel’s pick up locations (which are never super convenient), Deuce picks up riders every 15 minutes on the Strip itself. Simply hop on the Deuce outside your hotel and ride it until you arrive at your final destination!

The Deuce is also much more affordable than Uber, Lyft or taxis. A ride from the Luxor to Mirage cost me $17 + tip recently. For just $3 more, I could have purchased a three-day Deuce pass.

Curious how much you could save, check out the Uber ride estimator here. 


What are your fellow Deuce travelers like?

One reason why I never purchased a Deuce pass in the past, was I assumed I’d be crammed next to a smelly mix of travelers and locals in a dirty bus. I honestly wish I gave the Deuce a chance earlier in my previous Vegas travels, as my concerns couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Most, if not all Deuce bus stops have attendants that monitor crowds before they hop on. No outside food or beverages are allowed, and everyone needs a ticket to ride. Because of this, you don’t have trash on the bus, and there was never any homeless people on my rides.

Rather, there was a cultural mix of individuals from all across the world who were polite and just happy to get from point A to point B.

Photo: Melissa Rogers, TheJetSettersGuide.com

How Crowded are Deuce buses?

Surprisingly, not bad! I used my pass during the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and I never struggled to find a seat on the Deuce. Each stop appeared to have 15-20 guests hop on, but there was an equal amount of travelers that would hop off. No matter how crowded a stop was, I never had to wait for the next bus.

There are multiple rows of two on both floors of the bus, as well as priority seating for the elderly, disabled and pregnant. Guests are allowed to sit in these priority seats, so long as they give up their seat if someone from the above groups needs to sit-down.


How Frequently Does the Deuce Operate?

The Deuce operates 24/7! Whether you need a ride home from the club or out to breakfast – you’re covered! The only difference is that the Deuce will pick-up from every stop each 15 minutes from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. and then approximately every 20 minutes from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m.

The SDX bus transfer in Vegas. Photo: Melissa Rogers TheJetSettersGuide.com

Final Thoughts!

After riding the Deuce this most recent trip, I can honestly say that I’ll be riding the Deuce every trip moving forward. The Deuce was always clean, on-time, and was great at getting me where I needed to be. I also found myself saving a significant amount of money compared to when I’d Uber everywhere.

The only concern I had was taking the SDX bus from the airport to my hotel and vice versa. While I’m thrilled that the Deuce partners with the SDX public transportation buses, I found it slightly inconvenient to hop off a bus stop at one location and wait for another bus to take me to my hotel. With that said, I’m very particular about maximizing my vacation time, and I don’t think many others would find this to be a deterrent. In fact, if you’re staying off the Strip at the Silver Sevens, Hard Rock, or a corporate chain ex. La Quinta this is extremely convenient!

If you have money to spend, consider using Uber from the airport to the Strip and then using the Deuce from there forward. Otherwise, save about $30 in round-trip fares and hop on the 109 bus which will take you to your hotel either non-stop or with one bus transfer. *Looking to use Uber while in Vegas? Use my promo code melissar12388ue to save on your first trip!

In all, I’m all about convenience, experience and saving money so I’ll be using the Deuce moving forward. After all, the Uber fares you’ll be saving, can provide you with extra cash to spend on Vegas’ Groupon deals!

For more information on the Deuce, their hours and routes, visit their website HERE! 




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