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Best Allegiant Air Personal Item Bags

Six Best Allegiant Air Personal Item Bags

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links.

When it comes to flying Allegiant Air, packing smart is key. While airfare rates can be low, you score the best travel deal when you can keep your luggage within Allegiant Air’s free personal item dimensions of 7 x 15 x 16. Not only will you save upwards of $50 per bag per flight, but you won’t need to worry about your luggage getting lost or destroyed either. While Allegiant Air’s personal bag dimensions might seem small, there’s actually a LOT you can fit inside these bags, you just need to park smart. Here are our top six best Allegiant Air personal item bags that you need to have before your next trip!

*Note: While Allegiant Air’s personal item dimensions are 7 x 15 x 16, multiple Allegiant employees have confirmed that they’re flexible with the dimensions so long as your bag fits under the seat in front of you. Because of this, some of our bags aren’t exactly 7 x 15 x 16 (we’ll disclose all sizes) but we’ve successfully been able to travel with all of these as personal items on Allegiant flights.

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Samsonite Allegiant Underseater – $$

Samsonite has earned their label is a name-brand company by creating amazing pieces of luggage, and this underseater is no different. Their Allegiant underseater comes in slightly below Allegiant’s max personal item requirements at 13x13x6.5. Thankfully, this means if you happen to pack heavy, your bag will still fit below the seat in front of you, even if it has expanded. With a 4.5 rating by almost 1,000 reviews, this is a proven Allegiant personal item!

Why we love it: I’m a sucker for wheeled luggage. If you max your bag out around 40 pounds, it’s a LOT easier running with your luggage on wheels, rather than on your back. The various compartments make storage easy, and I love that it comes in different colors so my bag can look different than the bag I purchased for my partner.

What customers are saying:

I was able to pack, 1 pair of blue jeans, 1 pair of shorts short, 3 t-shirts, 1 long sleeves shirt, 2 tank tops, 4 pairs of underwear, 1 pashmina, 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of slip-on sandals, my 7-inch tablet and my chargers including a power bank.  There are still a few zippered areas that I have not used. I highly recommend it. This is my travel buddy now and I call it Sammie 🙂 – Via


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HiPack Multi-use TSA Approved Carry on – $$

The HiPack meets Allegiant’s personal bag requirements, coming in at 16 x 15 x 6.5. This almost exact match provides plenty of space in multiple compartments, is lightweight, and has great reviews!

Why we love it: It’s on wheels, but it also allows you to carry it which is perfect for going up stairs. Also, the flexible cloth design allows you to maximize space. By meeting Allegiant’s personal bag requirements, you can ensure you’re packing as much as physically allowed! Great for those who think more is more!

What customers are saying:

Nice item for the price. It passed Allegiant Air which is one of the most restrictive and smaller size allowed. I wish I could have found a higher quality suitcase but all would not fit within AA’s requirements. – Gatlin

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BoardingBlue 7 x 15 x 16 Bag – $

As the title states, this bag is exactly the height, width and depth that Allegiant asks personal items to be. If you love maximizing your space, this is the bag for you. In fact, since this bag doesn’t come on wheels, there’s additional space for clothes than it’s alternatives.

Why we love it: The top of the backpack allows you to store your phone, passport, speakers and more. Everything is conveniently located for easy access and well thought out. They even have a water bottle space, which is perfect for your collapsable water bottles! Because there are no wheels or handles, space is maximized for luggage. If you love packing lots of outfit options, this is a great, affordable option for your consideration.


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Amazon Underseat Luggage – $$

If you’re looking for the ultimate mix of functionality and affordability, AmazonBasic’s under seat luggage is a top contender. This personal item boasts a 4.5-star review by 200+ reviewers. It’s that good.

With the dimensions of 13 by 13 by 9 inches, this bag isn’t Allegiant’s exact measurements, but with the exception of the depth, everything else is below what Allegiant requires. When you use space bags to keep everything compact, we find that everything fits just fine!

Why we love it: The AmazonBasic’s under seat luggage is functional and budget-friendly. This is one of the few personal items that are on wheels, allowing you to get around without a lot of extra weight around your shoulders. There are a variety of compartments for toiletries, your boarding pass/keys, and clothes. If you’re looking to pack multiple outfits into easy-to-organize luggage, this is it.

What customers are saying: 

This bag is nuts! A zippered pocket on each side. A front zippered pocket large enough for your passport, boarding pass and wallet and keys. An inner large mesh also zippered. But best of all a three zippered compartment held in place with velcro. Room for makeup, gels, liquids. Ordered Sunday, arrived Weds. Buy it. – Camero

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BoardingBlue Allegiant Personal Item Bag – $

If you’re looking for cheap, no-thrills luggage that’s dependable and stores as much as physically possible, this is definitely worth your consideration. BoardingBlue is specifically designed to fit under Allegiant Air seats, and maximises storage for drinks, clothes, laptops, and toilitries. It comes in at 16″ x 13″ x 7″ which is slightly below Allegiant’s allowed space, but if you pack it full, you can reach the full 16 x 15 x 7 potential.

Why we love it: This bag has two main compartments, allowing you to keep your shoes separate from your clothes and underwear. It’s comfortable to wear, extremely lightweight, and I love that it allows you to maximize your personal luggage space.

What customers are saying: 

Worked out perfect for my flight easy to carry and tucked away securely under the seat! – R. Dynamite 

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Everest Personal Bag – $

If you’re looking for a stylish, lightweight personal item, this is it! The dimensions are 16″ x 6″ x 11″ allowing you to store everything you need and still have legroom during your flight. The bag is extremely affordable, and in order to be so cheap, the bottom of the bag is actually made by fabric-covered cardboard. It’s sturdy, but don’t expect it to feel top of the line. Once you can get past that, you can focus on how much fits in this bag, and how much you love not paying for Allegiant carry on bags!

Why we love it: It’s extremely affordable. Like breakfast at McDonald’s cheap. When you’re investing in luggage to save on Allegiant fees, you don’t want to spend a lot on your bag. This personal item allows you to maximize space, feel comfortable, and not spend a lot in the process.

What customers are saying:

I bought this to use as my “personal item” on an American Airlines flight to avoid having my carry on be stashed under the plane (this usually happens because overhead bins fill up so quickly and I didn’t have enough time between flights to wait on my carry on to be retrieved). It’s as basic as they come, but if you’re creative with packing, it’s excellent for a small carry on – I got 5 days of clothes/ personal items for Texas in it. – Whitney Cooper

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