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It Works! Body Wraps: My Results After Four Applications

With over 100 million people on a weight loss diet at any given time, it’s safe to say that most of us have attempted to shed a few pounds at one point or another in our life. Dieting has become a lifestyle trend that most Americans take on at least once a year with NPD, a respected market research firm, finding that 22% of all Americans are on a diet at this current moment. But why?


Well, although having a well-balanced diet and incorporating moderate exercise into one’s lifestyle is common knowledge for achieving weight loss, most dieters don’t provide equal attention to the third point of the dieting triangle: motivation. Most weight loss diets begin with motivation, either wanting to lose weight for a vacation or reunion, for obtaining health benefits, or as a New Years Resolution, yet that motivation quickly dissipates when the scale doesn’t accurately reflect what dieters believe their efforts have been. Nothing lowers motivation faster than investing time and effort into bettering oneself, than not seeing any physical changes. Because of this, most individuals find themselves dieting more frequently with little to no lasting success. In order to successfully lose and keep off excess weight, it’s important to have and maintain positive motivation.

In a study published by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, dieters who physically saw their bodies obtain results stayed motivated for longer and found that it was the most effective means of promoting adherence. Sustained motivation was almost single-handedly the deciding factor between dieting success and dieting failure. Therefore, the quest to find motivation is key.


While there are a variety of different forms of weight-loss motivation ranging from self-help seminars to best-selling books and online support groups, one of the best forms of weight loss motivation is one that actually contributes to helping you visually see results. It Works! Body Wraps are one such way to see results and help sustain motivation through the weight loss process.

It Works! is a brand that began in 2001 and has grown to offer a variety of weight loss aids. They are most famously known for their Ultimate Body Applicators that are frequently found in celebrity gifting suites and behind the scenes on movie sets for actors to use at their disposal. Type in ‘It Works!’ in search engines or on Youtube as well, and beyond the celebrity successes, there are thousands of average men and women who swear by the product as well. With all of the buzz surrounding It Works! and their methods of providing visual motivation through tightening and firming the skin, I decided to request trying out their Ultimate Body Applicators out myself, and see if there was any truth to the claims. 


The Ultimate Body Applicators were sent to me thanks to It Works! with the package containing four one-time applicators. Individually sealed, each Ultimate Body Applicator comes with easy-to-follow directions on the back, and are suggested to be used no closer than 72 hours apart. It Works! claims that their Ultimate Body Applicator wraps can tighten, tone and firm skin with results in as little as 45 minutes along with minimizing cellulite appearance and improving skin texture and tightness. They claim that they are the world’s fastest naturally based body contouring line that delivers maximum results in minimal time. It was safe to say that I was cautious about their claims, but after hearing some first account success stories, I was determined to try them out myself and see how It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators work both as weight-loss motivation, and as a form of looking better due to their product alone.


Before trying out the product myself, I went on a variety of It Work!-related websites and Youtube channels to find more information on getting the most out of the wraps. While most of the information sellers/users suggested is the same as what is listed on the back of each Ultimate Body Applicator package, I also found it important to drink plenty of water while having the wrap on, and to avoid using the wraps if on a menstrual cycle, as some users claimed that this limited their success.

Applying It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators did require a bit of planning, as it’s important to wash and dry the area throughly beforehand, so I would shower (without using body washes) and use a luffa to make sure I removed any and all dead skin before drying off and applying the wraps. Each wrap is quite generous in size, and as the picture shows (below), it was about the size of my large cutting board. Wraps should only be used on one location at a time, helping to tighten and tone a variety of trouble spots ranging from the lower back, to thighs, and excess fat that can accumulate on the back of arms. I chose to use the wraps on my stomach as ‘muffin top’ is my biggest trouble area, so after taking my ‘before’ picture, I unwrapped my Ultimate Body Applicator and got ready to let the naturally based contouring line go to work!


The wraps fit perfectly around my mid-section, which I secured in place using cling wrap and wearing tight work out clothing. I could instantly feel the wrap going to work and walked downstairs to start drinking water that could help the Ultimate Body Applicator make the most of the 45 minute span. While not uncomfortable, there is a heating sensation that takes place on the location that the wrap is applied which worked as motivation for myself, feeling as though I was doing something good for my body.


For the first application, it’s suggested to only wear the wrap for 45 minutes to ensure that your skin isn’t irritated by the product, but can be worn for up to eight hours with following wraps. I ‘accidentally’ left mine on for a little over an hour, as I could still feel the wrap warming my skin and wanted to get the maximum benefits out of the applicator, but this is certainly not endorsed as a method to follow. Upon removing the wrap, I was surprised to find that my stomach was indeed tightened and toned, with my muffin top being noticeably reduced and having less stomach overhang that was replaced by a ‘flatter’ midsection. Instant motivation! I rubbed in the remaining lotion that was on the wraps and my skin into my midsection making sure that it was completely worked in. The results are meant to develop over a 72 hour period, so I waited to take my ‘after’ picture and measurements until 72 hours following the application and continued drinking plenty of water in the meantime.

What I can say about the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators is that for me, they work as excellent source of motivation to stay positive with my weight loss goals. While using the applicators, I was on a juice cleanse that limited my physical activity, and while I thought I would get cravings and want to give in to temptation, having It Works! on my stomach and feeling it working, made me motivated to stay focused on my weight-loss goals and to not give in to cravings. It Works! doesn’t claim to be a diet and exercise replacement, but they do provide almost instant physical results by tightening and toning select areas of the body, that certainly does help dieters stay motivated and positive about achieving their desired goals.


After the 72 hour period, I had lost a combined 2 3/4 inches off my midsection that have remained off in the three weeks after my final application. After using all four wraps, my stomach fat is noticeably less, with the picture reflecting my progress at the beginning, at the halfway point, and 72 hours after the final wrap. I can’t comment on how much of my weight loss and inches gone were a direct result from only the It Works! wraps since I was juicing and eating healthier during the same timeframe, but I can confidently say that It Works! can help you feel more in charge of your weight loss goals, and in my personal experience, helped provide me with the motivation I needed to stay positive and on top of my healthier diet and exercise.

For those who are serious about getting healthy and losing weight, It Works! provides a variety of tools ranging from the Ultimate Body Applicators that I used to probiotics, fat fighters, and defining gel to help aid in providing more definition and tightness in selected areas. I would highly suggest trying out their products if you’re someone who desires extra motivation when dieting and could use seeing ‘instant’ changes in your body as a source of positive reinforcement. Starting at under $15 a wrap for loyal customers, It Works! may be a great botanically-based way to increase your confidence and keep your weight loss progress on track.


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