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How to Get Into Vegas Pools for Free

Some of the world’s most impressive pools are located in Las Vegas. Whether you want to beat the heat, enjoy a pool party, or swim through a shark tank, there truly is a Vegas pool for everyone.

Looking to enjoy a pool outside of the resort you’re staying at? Fear not! Here’s an insider’s guide on how you can enjoy Sin City’s top pools for free.

Know Which Hotels Card & Which Don’t

Most Las Vegas resorts require that guests show a valid room key in order to gain access to the pool. Thankfully, however, there are some that don’t. Hooters Hotel, MGM Grand, The Linq and Planet Hollywood all have an open door policy when it comes to welcoming guests. By hitting up these pools, you can work on your tan and cool off for free.

Research What Pools are Hosting Special Events

A little bit of research goes a LONG way in Sin City. I was first introduced to a website called Spy On Vegas back in 2010, and the site has helped me master the Vegas pool scene ever since. Here, you’ll be able to browse all upcoming Vegas pool party events sorted by date. A quick scroll will let you know which Vegas pools are offering free admission for the special event and which ones are opening up their doors for a price. If it’s a ticketed event for something like Lil Jon at Wet Republic, keep reading.

Have Instagram Promoters Get You In

It doesn’t matter if you want to attend a Vegas day club or not, hit up the Instagram promoters! As long as everyone in your group is 21+, you can take advantage of this secret perk.

Simply look up which Vegas pool you want to check out. For example, the pools at Mirage. Then, look up which day club they have at their resort, which for the Mirage is the Bare pools. By reaching out to an Instagram promoter and asking to get you into the Bare pool, not only do you get free entry into the exclusive 21+ pools but typically you’re able to branch out once inside the pool area and enjoy the family-friendly areas as well.

Both guys and girls can often gain free entry if they arrive before a certain time, and ladies not only can get in for free but you often can score a free drink or open bar until a certain time as well.

My favorite thing to do is to ask a promoter to get me into a pool like Wet Republic at MGM Grand, enjoy an open bar for a little bit, and then head into the main pool area to relax the rest of the day complete with the lazy river.

New to the Instagram promoter scene? Simply search Vegas promoter on Instagram and find thousands of guys whose job is to get people inside Vegas day clubs. Comment on any of their photos and they’ll start assisting you A.S.A.P.

Score a Deal on Sites Like Groupon & LivingSocial

If you don’t want to hit up one of the free Vegas pools or an Instagram promoter, you won’t be able to enjoy free admission but you can enjoy massive discounts at many Vegas pools.

The deals update frequently, but it’s not uncommon to find deals like free entry for two plus a bucket of beers at the Flamingo (HERE) free entry for two plus drinks and lounge chairs at Caears Palace (HERE) or free entry for two plus signature drinks at Paris (HERE).

If you were already going to buy drinks at the pool, this gives you free entry. In fact, when I tried the $17 for two entry + two signature drinks at Paris, I was surprised to find that not only did we get in for free, but we saved 50% on our bar tab. This meant we were actually spending significantly LESS than people who were staying at the hotel. Win!

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