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Four Free Photo Apps You Need For Your Next Vacation

Vacations are full of Kodak moments. Capture memories-in-the-making on your next trip with these four must-have photo apps!


To Take: Camera51

When it comes to capturing the moment, Camera51 is a great app to keep on hand. Unlike a majority of free apps that help you edit pictures after the fact, Camera51 allows you to shoot pictures the best you can in the first place. This app will advise you on framing and composition; warn you about objects that may take away or get in the way of your shot, and it can even make sure your group selfies have everyone’s beautiful smile included.


To Edit: VSCO

Everyone and their mother is downloading this app for good reason! VSCO allows all users to edit like serious photographers. This app features an editing interface that’s simple and clean, allowing you to choose from 10 free pre-set filters and make custom tweaks to perfect your shot.


To Save: Google Photos

Capture each and every moment that’s important to you without the worry of the dreaded ‘No More Space’ notification. There’s a variety of apps that save your pictures for long-term storage, but the best is Google Photos. You can set up the app so that every photo snapped on your phone is automatically synced to your Google Photos account. Not only does this allow you to view your pictures from any device, but it also means you don’t need to keep the image stored on your phone. The best part? When it comes to finding your photos, you can browse your Google Photos library by date, location or even the subject featured in the picture! This free app will save you a ton of time trying to free space on vacation, and makes finding your photos later, simple.


To Share: Kodak Moments

There’s a new way to share your vacation pictures, and it’s a game changer! Kodak Moments is an app that allows you to create a public or private profile, where you can transform your photos into beautiful moments worth sharing. Different from other photo sharing apps, Kodak Moments prioritizes quality over quantity, allowing you to write as long of a description as you’d like. This app turns pictures into stories, and allows you to create a modern photo book of sorts. Even better, Kodak Moments allows you to turn your pictures into collages, personalized calendars, greeting cards and even photo books. Enjoy your memories both digitally and around your house with this fun sharing app! Look for me in the Kodak Moments App – Melissa Rogers – I can’t wait to see your moments too!

Huge thank you to Kodak to introducing me to their Kodak Moments app and sponsoring this post. 

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